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Depth of Jewish Identity

Story of a journey back “home” from the far and hidden History of the Portuguese Jews

Hannah (once Ana) is  a Portuguese Psychologist whose life changed after a trip to India, where she meets Israelis for the first time. One of them is today her husband, Shay.

Back to Portugal, Hannah starts an unexpected journey of discoveries and revelations which became too intense to be ignored.

the story of Hannah "back to" Israel is an inspiring sequence of events that reminds every Jew what to be Jewish is all about – to own an identity able to survive for generations and revive even after hundreds of years.

Hannah´s storytelling started during Shabbat meals. As many were touched by her story, the requests to share it with larger groups started to be frequent. She accepted the challenge and since then she travels around Israel sharing her journey back to Judaism with groups of all backgrounds.
"Any story told by the person that experienced it, is charming, exciting and captivating. 
If the story is about pursuit of truth, identity, faith and crosses time frames, the storytelling becomes a life changing experience."
what people say
Hannah authentically alternates humor with expression of her deepest feelings and inner thoughts.
She excitingly takes the audience on an imaginary journey through the details of her experiences and discoveries, creating an honest, emotional, entertaining and questioning atmosphere.

Get inspired...

Every holiday is a time to acknowledge our History as a people. Shavuot, Hanukkah, Simchat Torah or any other chag is connected to Hannah's storytelling through the particularities of our identity, faith, observance and strength to survive under extreme threat.
As a young Jewish women that connects uniquely to her Jewish past and future, Hannah has a lot to offer to a Bat Mitzva celebration.
Gathering friends at home for a meaningful evening? Hannah's story awakens Jewish memories, allowing everyone to relate to her journey and share her emotional experience.
Spanish and Portuguese Jewish History unveiled in a personal story. Tracking Judaism back around 500 years and connecting it to our days.
In times of challenging belonging and  identity, a storytelling from someone that deeply reconnected to Judaism, Torah and mitzvot by choice, encouraging youth to bond back to who they are.
Any other setting where you aim to empower Jewish Identity.

What people say

Extremely fascinating. Emotional to witness such an unobvious connection to Judaism, the divine providence that is usually hidden revealed as if someone just decided to uncover it. Amazing and recommended.

DROR, Nof Ayalom

I had the privilege to hear the life story of Hannah - one of the most emotional storytelling I have ever heard in my life [...] so unique, full of miracles and inspiring us to connect with the deepness of our Jewish roots.

Such a vivid experience of Jewish  History. There was not one single person I met week after that I would not feel the drive to share her story, because her story is the story of all of us. Rare. Touched me to the core of my heart.

MICHAL, Jerusalem

TALIA, Petach Tikva


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